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“Life is not measured by the breaths we take,

But by the moments that take our breath away.”



My first experience with a camera came at 4 years old when I used all of the film in the camera on my first plane ride.  I continue to have a passion for photography and flying, I do both as ofter as possible.  I founded Tessa MacLeod Photography four years ago and the artist behind the camera.  My journey to becoming a photographer started at the age of fifteen when I purchased my first camera at a yard sale.  My passion was ignited and, along with my gift of natural artistry, drove me to my dream of making a living by capturing natural portraits and lifestyle photography for my clients in a boutique environment.  My favorite part of being a photographer is that through the lens of the camera, the world is a very different place where beauty and uniqueness are easily found in everyday moments.


I have been a Professional Photographer for over 6 years and I feel truly blessed everyday.  It wasn’t always about photography for me and my love for photographer snuck up on me after many years in the IT profession.  I started IT by cleaning and servicing laser printers.  I quickly worked my way through the IT world and ended at Designing Networks Globally.  I worked for many years in Networking and had a list of acronyms behind my name.  I also had eighty hour work weeks and very few days off.  After two years without a vacation and ten weeks without a day off I took a two week vacation.  Oddly enough I worked the first two days of vacation.  At the end of the second day I walked out to my truck in Scottsdale, AZ.  I got in the truck and set there for about ten minutes.  I was exhausted physically and mentally.  I reached down started the truck and started driving.

I drove through the Grand Canyon and came across 8 large Elk in the road.  I wished I had a camera.  I drove for a few more hours and ended up on the side of the road in Colorado sleeping in the truck.  Everything was closed.  I got a call about 4am regarding a downed Network.  I sat about and started going over the details.  I focused on the road and there was a huge black lab being chased down the road by a skunk.  For the second time that night I wished I had a camera.  The next morning I got up and kept driving.  I made it to Jackson, WY and purchased a 35mm camera, two lenses, and 12 rolls of film.  By the end of two weeks I didn’t know what day it was and had driven into Canada over and down Highway 1.  I had gone through the first twelve rolls of film and had purchased eight more rolls.

I went back to work Designing Networks for about 2 more months.  I had a really hard time reengaging and being part of the IT world.  After two months I was sitting in a Budget meeting and after about two hours of debating I stood up.  My boss said, sit down what are you doing?  I looked at her and said, “I Quit.”  I heard comments like you can’t do that, she must be drunk, is she dreaming, this is a joke and so on.  It wasn’t a joke, I walked out the door and never looked back.  I started the photography business with the same passion and enthusiasm I had for Networking.  I have been a sponge and went to seminars, trade shows and read every book that I could get my hands on.  Then I started booking clients and off I went.

It is funny because I was quickly drawn to the passion of wedding photography.  Over the years watching the changes and being part of such a wonderful experience.  Daily I realize how truly blessed I am.


“The future belongs to those who, believe in the beauty of their dream.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Most of all, I love what I do.


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